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Dr. Jonathan Rinn

“I got hurt and I truly felt pain for the first time…”

Geneva chiropractor Dr. Jonathan Rinn

Dr. Jonathan Rinn, with his family

I had always been a very active and healthy individual, never gave a second thought to what others felt with their pain, and couldn’t fully empathize with pain. That is about the time when one of the best things that could have happened to me occurred; I got hurt and I truly felt pain…

Now I know what you’re thinking. “How can getting hurt and having pain be a good thing?” Well normally I would say it’s not, but this caused me to see and think in a different light. I was treated by our team’s MD and Orthopedist and thought they were very acclaimed in their field. The pain killers and muscle relaxers they prescribed did nothing for me. I was desperate to get and feel well and so I tried Chiropractic.

With chiropractic, I got well. I was so impressed with the effects it had on me that I changed my business major to pre-med the following week to pursue a Doctorate in Chiropractic so that I could help people the same way I had been helped.

My Educational Experience & Philosophy

I wanted to make sure that I got the best education to be as good as I could be for those that were to count on my abilities and knowledge. For that reason I decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic – where Chiropractic started. I was completely blown away at the overwhelming curriculum we were placed in. Though incredibly difficult, I couldn’t get enough of education and the passion that came with it. There were several key instructors that got me to where I am today however, my largest influence has been my father. He too is a Chiropractor and the one who treated me to restore my wellness and function.

I enjoy working with all different types of people and the problems they may be dealing with. Every ‘body’ that comes into my office presents it’s own challenges, and with that an inhibited potential of that person to feel and function better. My operating philosophy is to unlock that persons innate potential; allowing the ability of the body to help heal itself.

Life Outside the Office

I did what a lot of other chiropractors do, I married another chiropractor. I met my wife at Palmer during the early months of school and the weekend after I graduated we got married and moved to Colorado to practice.

Dr. Kristy and I were also able to participate in a clinic-abroad program and worked in a couple clinics in Brazil. During our two week experience, we saw a lot of things that we will probably never see again and were able to help a lot of people who may not have been helped otherwise. The trip completely sparked a deeper passion for what we do and gave us more purpose.

Dr. Kristy is currently enjoying some time away from practicing as she takes care of our three boys, Griffin, Sawyer and Briggs. We are a very active family and we enjoy time together outdoors taking in whatever surroundings we find ourselves in. We are active in the outdoors but fell in love with Crossfit and are very active members at Crossfit OLAF in Batavia, IL.

Health Habits

Being as active as I am and working with patients on a daily basis, my patients always ask how often I get adjusted. The answer to that is one to two times per week. I understand the stressors that get placed on the body as well as the importance of being aligned. My family also understands that it’s not just an adjustment, but a lifestyle. Though not perfect, we do follow a more healthy nutritional pattern and watch what we put into our bodies. We stay away from the highly processed foods and hormone altered dairy and meats.

Continuing Education

I also feel that it is my role to educate and enlighten my patients on many of these issues they may have questions on. Our clinic focuses on continuing education, so that something new is learned on every visit.

Enough about me! How can we be of service to you and help you with your specific health challenge? Contact Performance Spine & Sport today to make an appointment. (630) 208-7810